Why pack-lite & Reusable?

In a world looking to reduce and eradicate unnecessary physical and economic waste, our reusable and recyclable products and containers provide industries and individuals an ecological and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional packaging mediums, while creating a significant return on investment.
Every piece we produce is handmade and quality-inspected by our production team, providing maximum protection and durability.


Our history 

Pack-Lite Systems, Inc. has been producing plastic corrugated containers since 1989. Originally founded from the idea of lightweight, strong and durable containers to substitute for wooden crates used for air freight, Pack-Lite has continued to grow and diversify. In 1990, Pack-Lite began working with GNB Industrial Batteries, Inc. to develop a variety of strong, durable water resistant and lightweight containers for exporting batteries and accessories. Since that time, Pack-Lite has produced hundreds of thousands of containers, all of which have replaced disposable wood crates and fiberboard boxes.

For almost 30 years, Pack-Lite has been at the forefront of designing, manufacturing, and implementing reusable packaging products and systems.
We apply our own patented equipment and processes to convert polypropylene material (corrugated plastic) into a various products for the shipping and material handling industry, as well as helping to provide solutions for essentially any industry.


Pack-Lite utilizes its design and development expertise in the engineering of specialty packaging products. We will integrate combinations of a variety of materials in providing specialty packaging items.
Combinations include:
Aluminum – Steel – Fiberglass – Plexiglass – Lexan – HDPE and corrugated Polypropylene – solid Polyethylene plastic – molded plastics – custom hardware – Thermoformed dunnage – Plastic extrusions

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