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Pack-Lite utilizes patented equipment and processes to convert HDPE corrugated & PP profile material into various products used in the shipping and material handling industry. Pack-Lite's plastic product lines provide an ecologically and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging mediums. Pack-Lite products include custom ATA cases, plastic boxes to substitute for corrugated fiberboard and plastic crates to substitute for wood crates. Pack-Lite "Pallet Packs" include 2 thermoformed plastic pallets with a plastic sleeve.

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Pack-Lite has Developed an Octagon Sleeve Pack

The octagon shape allows for greater resistance to bulge stress which is prevalent in square or rectangle corrugated plastic containers


JP at AOL Time Warner says:
"Fantasic, Great Job!! It's good to work with a company that can service their customers"

A major packaging company has Pack-Lite manufacture totes to hold Dell Computer hard drives.

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